How To Use Samsung Smart Switch

With your computer, you may back up and restore your Samsung phone.

The Samsung Smart Switch program backs up your mobile data to your computer, allowing you to restore it on your Samsung smartphone, tablet, or phablet later. Learn how to save your valuable images, music, and other files using Smart Switch.

How to Get a Smart Switch and Install It

The Smart Switch Mobile software comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, but you’ll have to download it from the Galaxy Apps store on your Galaxy Tab tablet. You’ll also need to download and install Smart Switch from the Samsung website on your Windows PC or Mac.

How to Back Up Data with a Samsung Smart Switch

You can use Smart Switch to back up your Samsung smartphone after installing it on your computer:

Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer using a USB cable, and then launch Samsung Smart Switch.

If Smart Switch does not recognize your smartphone or tablet immediately, try disconnecting and replugging it.

Connect your smartphone or tablet to a USB port using the Samsung Smart Switch on your computer.

To move forward, hit Allow on your phone’s screen if a USB file transfer isn’t allowed message comes up.

You’ll see a summary of the data that was backed up after the backup procedure is finished.

To return to the Smart Switch main menu, select OK.

If new updates are available for your device, go to the Samsung Switch main menu and click Update at any time to upgrade your Android version.

How to Recover Data from a Backup

When your smartphone or tablet is linked to your computer, follow these steps to restore your backed-up data:

Choose Restore Now if you want to restore the most recent backup, or Select Your Backup Data if you want to restore a different backup.

If there isn’t enough space on your device for a full restore, you can choose specific categories of data to restore from the Select Your Backup Data page.

Select the backup data’s date and time, then select the categories of data you wish to restore before clicking OK.

If the Allow Access window opens on your mobile device, tap Allow.

You may need to restore some functionality on your smartphone or tablet, such as the data in the weather widget on the home screen.

Using Smart Switch To Synchronize Your Outlook Contacts

Due to compatibility difficulties, the Outlook Sync feature is no longer supported for most Samsung smartphones. In most cases, selecting this option will result in an error notice. There are, fortunately, additional options for syncing Outlook contacts across different devices.

More Options for Samsung Smart Switches

The Smart Switch offers a number of additional features for controlling your smartphone or tablet from your PC. From the main menu, select More and then select one of the following menu options