OS Flex vs Chrome OS – What’s The Difference?

There is a web-based operating system called Chrome OS Flex that lets you quickly access web apps and run virtual machines. It was recently announced by Google.

It has the same code base as Chrome OS and follows the same release schedule, but it offers certain distinct advantages over its predecessor.

Chrome OS Flex is a lighter and speedier version of Chrome OS that allows users to repurpose their old machines into Chromebooks.

On the other hand, what is the distinction between Chrome OS and Chrome OS Flex?

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In a blog post dated February 15, 2022, Google unveiled Chrome OS Flex for PCs and Macs in a blog post. According to Thomas Riedl, Director of Product, Enterprise, and Education, “Chrome OS Flex is a new operating system from Google that is available for free download.”

It’s designed for corporations and schools, and it integrates seamlessly with Google’s strong cloud-based administration.

It “modernizes your old device,” says Riedl. You can now enjoy the benefits of Chrome OS on PCs and Macs thanks to Chrome OS Flex.

Chrome OS Flex vs. Chrome OS: What’s the Difference?

If you have a Chromebook, you can only get Chrome OS. Chrome OS Flex can be downloaded and installed on any computer that has a Windows or Mac OS.

People who use Chrome OS have a security chip from Google that helps protect the system. People who use Chrome OS Flex don’t because the OS can be used on other computers.

Chrome OS Flex updates are provided by original equipment manufacturers, while Chrome OS devices handle their own upgrades on their own.

One of the most notable distinctions and disadvantages of Chrome OS Flex is that it does not allow Android apps or Google Play.

Because Chrome OS Flex is installed on devices that do not have the same layout as Chrome OS devices, some shortcuts may not work with Chrome OS Flex.

There are also some features that Chrome OS Flex doesn’t have. Fingerprint readers and face-recognition cameras aren’t supported. There are also no CD or DVD drives.

Overall, Chrome OS Flex is a lighter operating system than Windows and Mac OS. This makes it easier for people to use old computers again. However, because Chrome OS Flex will be available on devices that are not built to Chromebook standards, some Chrome OS features will be unavailable on Chrome OS Flex platforms.